Tassia Sapon Amoah



From the beginning of your pregnancy I look after you and provide advice. I take care of all the standard checkups at your home, if you wish, also in rotation with your gynecologist.

I take my time to get to know you, your baby and possibly your partner. We speak about all your questions, so that you feel safe and comfortable with yourself. I perform all the necessary examinations, such as blood and urin tests and regular blood pressure checks. I also check your babies heartrate, its activity and growth and find out its position in your belly. We can also do the so called OGTT (sugar test) together. If necessary I perform vaginal examinations and smear tests. For ultrasounds and a CTG (cardiotocograph = longer notation of your babies heartrate and possible contractions) I will send you to your gynecologist.

Of course you can also contact me if you have any discomforts, such as pain, nausea or any other problems.

I offer birth preparation courses. For more information please check the chapter “courses”.



I am not performing births but if you wish, I can help you think of the right birthplace for you and your baby.


Childbed (the postnatal period)

I am looking after you and your baby up to 12 weeks after the birth. Mostly I am going to focus on your well-being, the remission progress, the healing of possible injuries, the breast feeding and your baby’s growth. Of course I am going to answer all your questions and help you in case you are insecure how to hold or handle your baby. When the 12 weeks are over, I can still come to look after you in case you have any problems breastfeeding or to ablactate your baby.

I offer courses for remission, which I advise you to join at about 2-3 months postpartum. For more information please check the section “courses”.