Tassia Sapon Amoah




PLEASE NOTICE that there are no courses available at the moment. Please avoid inquiries.


Even if I am not your midwife before and after the birth of your baby, you are still very welcome to participate in my courses.

The fee for the courses is covered by all german legal health insurances too, please find out if the partner fee can also be covered.


Birth Preparation

In the birth preparation course, it’s about all important topics concerning your pregnancy, birth and childbed (the postnatal period). There’s a mix of theory, advices and exercises , which may be helpful in labour, in every part of the course. Of course there is always time for all your questions too.

Please notice: The partner fee has to be paid in any case. Some health insurances cover or take part in the costs. Therefore please contact your partners insurance.

At best you complete the course 4-6 weeks before the estimated birthday of your baby.
Therefore please register for a course as early as possible.



After birth your uterus recovers quickly. But other parts of your body need much more time and rest to recover completely. At least 6-8 weeks (the official time of childbed) are needed for the hormons to switch back to normal and for all the organs, that were making space for your baby, to be back in place. During that time you should get as much rest as possible and not do any kinds of sports.

In my course for remission you introduce your body back to training. I advice not to start the course earlier than 2-3 months after you gave birth. We train the pelvic floor, but also belly, legs and bottom.

The course is taking place without your baby and is running for 8 weeks.

You need to wear sport clothes, bring water and a big towel.