Tassia Sapon Amoah


"Those little feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts."

Hello and welcome to my website!
Here you can find everything that’s important to know about me and my work as a midwife.

More about me

Since end of 2020 I live in Remseck. I work as a self-employed midwife in


Please contact me early (even right after the positive pregnancy test).

I take care of all standard checkups during your pregnancy  (if you wish, also in rotation with your gynecologist), I help you in case there are any discomforts and I look after you and your baby in childbed, the time after you gave birth. If you wish, you can participate in my courses for birth preparation and remission. In the chapter “courses” you can find more information.

Aside few exceptions, the support through a midwife is covered by all german legal health insurances. In case you are insured privately, please contact your insurance to find out which services are covered.


Even if I am not your midwife before and after the birth of your baby, you are still very welcome to participate in my courses.

The fee for the courses is covered by all german legal health insurances, please ask yourself if the partner fee can be covered too.

Birth Preparation

The birth preparation course is about all important topics concerning your pregnancy, birth and childbed (the postnatal period).


In my course for remission you introduce your body back to training. We train the pelvic floor, but also belly, legs and bottom.

My Work

From the beginning of your pregnancy I look after you and provide advice. I take care of all the standard checkups at your home, if you wish, also in rotation with your gynecologist.

I am looking after you and your baby up to 12 weeks after the birth. Mostly I am going to focus on your well-being, the remission progress, the healing of possible injuries, the breast feeding and your baby’s growth.

More Information

Beautiful pictures right?

All the professional photos on my website have been taken by the great photographer, Jasmin Damm.
I can highly recommend her for pregnancy, baby and family shootings.

Check out her website: https://prince-princess.de